Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who is Martha Stewart and why is she ruining my Christmas?

At what point did women sell their souls to Martha Stewart and her like? She's not known for being nice or for playing fair. She is not someone our mothers would be proud for us to emulate. We are strong, independent women living in a time when those qualities are admired and appreciated and yet, when Christmas rolls around we all want to be Martha. We have been bitten by the evil little Martha
bug. It's a horrible creature that drills itself into your brain boring ever deeper convincing you that you must be like Martha all the while knowing that it is an impossible task. In my quest for Marthadom I now have half of a two car garage filled with Christmas decorations. Trees for every room. Ornaments collected from around the world. Even a giant Santa chair. There is no vaccine for this bug only a series of painful shots after you have been bitten.

My New Year's Resolution is this - Martha Stewart will be gone from my Christmas season brain.  I will endure the painful anti-Martha shots, I won't even peek at a Martha magazine after July, and above all else, I vow that all future Christmases will be non-Martha like.

Join with me as I say farewell and good riddance to excessive Christmas stress caused by my need to be
like Martha. One tree, loads of ornaments, a wreath and a lot of guilt for not being Martha will become my Christmas of the future.

I had considered going so far as to merely post a Word document stating a simple "Merry Christmas" only later determining that even if Martha were to do it I couldn't.

History making White Christmas in Atlanta
First in 128 years

Garland ornaments purchased from Rafe on Etsy

Santa's giant chair, who needs an elf on the shelf
when you have this?

My favorite gift! I love unusual nativity sets.

My creations only tree

Martha made me do it!

A tree that decorates itself! This actually started as less
than a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. I purchased it as an
orange stick potted in a VERY small pot that all fit inside a
twelve inch by three inch box in 2004.  I don't have a
green thumb.  I think it's one of those plants that thrives
on neglect. This has been its most productive season.

All of my Christmas decor should be put back in its non-seasonal home by March 1. I'm sure Martha has a rule about putting away decorations by a certain date but I don't have a staff to boss around with harsh criticism and lack of appreciation and as of January 1, 2011 Martha will be vanquished from my life.

To each of you I wish a very happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year and  easier Christmas decorting in the future! Thanks for being a part of my life!




  1. Never have liked Martha S. for all the reasons you stated...however if you enjoy decorating your whole home and having a Santa Chair then I say that's a decision you made and not MS. Your decorations are quite interesting and beautiful BTW. Loved your post!!! The Magi did not come to bring gifts to Jesus till sometime in the first or second week of January...so the Nativity scene will be the last to be packed. My Mom once left our cedar tree and all the decorations in the house up till after her birthday on the 17th of January. It's all whatever "floats your boat"...((((hugs))))

  2. LOL, well said. Cute blog. I couldn't agree more with you. We are so commercialized with Martha-ism, I don't think half of the stuff Martha puts out was really Martha's original creation. Martha purchased the right and stamped with Martha's permanent ink. Do correct me if I am wrong. I don't buy Martha stuff but what I do take from her is her inspiration and try to replicate it through other sources, like Etsy.

    Happy New Year To You!

  3. I just want people who I can boss around to do my bidding and then take all the credit. Even going to prison didn't seem to make her any nicer. I thought prisons were supposed to rehabilitate people. Hers didn't take. If I have to be mean to them I suppose I will make do without staff members. It will remain me, my fingers, and my trusty toothpicks in the new year.

  4. Hi Poppy, I hope you find this...I tried clicking on the "Comments" after your last post...but it didn't open. The gift your daughter made is beautiful so delicate, so powerful! I particularly enjoyed her photos, I like taking unusual shots and hers were different and very unique! I can see why you're proud!

  5. Thanks Theanne. You can't imagine how thrilled I was to have received the gift. I can't get the "Comments" section on the last post to open either. Time to troubleshoot, I suppose.