Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sometimes A Mom Just Has to Brag

I had intended to share a photo of the magnificent art my daughter created as part of my Christmas gift but this afternoon I learned that an item from the Etsy shop she opened on January 1, 2011 has been included in an Etsy Treasury. 
She has a lot more to add to her shop. She teaches high school math and only has a little time on weekends to really work on her shop.  Check out her shop:  Her photography is fascinating. She and I can take a picture of what I think is the same thing but she sees it from an angle that I never see. Be sure to look at the photo titled Amicolola Truck - every time I look at it the music from the movie Deliverance starts playing in my head! 
A mathematician's brain and an artist's brain combined in one brain is an amazing thing to watch develop over the years of a child's life.

This is what I received Christmas morning

This is what I received on New Year's Day

Handcut layers of matboard between three layers of glass. The bird appears in one of her photos.
You can notice some of the dimension in the second picture.
 I am a seriously proud and happy mom!

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  1. You should be very proud! She has a great talent,I checked out her shop...just beautiful.I wish I could see the paper cutting picture in person,because it's hard to see the layers but I can tell she made you a wonderful gift!