Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poppy and The Bard

Due to my lack of knowledge, otherwise known as ignorance, of the world of blogging I find the above cartoon very appropriate. Wouldn't it be interesting to know what the great writers in history might provide the world of literature via their own blogs? My guess is that they would be overwhelmed by the possibilities just as I am. Of course, they would figure out all of the intricacies of the blogging world far faster than have I.

After months of searching I have learned how to add an email subscription option to Poppylovesaparty.blogspot.com. To most people this would seem a simple task. To me, a person whose only true computer education was three days in a computer science class in 1975, the possibilities might as well be presented in Martian language.

Oh yeah, the three days in computer science was shear misery. I dropped the class, added Art History and remember only that the computer was in an entirely different room than the classroom due to the size of the computer. I suppose I should have paid closer attention to the professor for those three days. I'm sure every bit of what was taught would be pertinent to today's computers. Or not! My art history knowledge does help me answer the occasional Jeopardy question. Obviously, I made a wise decision in my drop/add choice.

If you would prefer to receive up to date blog notices via email please enter your email address in the appropriate space on the blog page.

Thanks for your interest in Poppy Loves A Party. Each of you has helped me learn something new today.

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