Friday, August 13, 2010

What I did on my summer vacation

Given enough time and enough clay I will complete any project I ever start.  Well, sometimes the start of a project does turn into a blob of ugly gray/brown.  It's a color that only exists in polymer clay.  In a previous post I shared pictures of what I thought would be a quick weekend project.  It seems I should have thought a little harder.  Knowing how many individual pieces are used to make only the castle and formal garden (appr.100 pieces) and knowing how many pieces are in each flower I have estimated a total of almost 10,000 individual pieces of clay. Most people who have seen this cake topper like the dragon the best.  What is your favorite part?  Please share your thoughts and I'll post the results.  I just like that it's finally finished! Rather than trying to determine a reasonable price for 80+ hours of fun but tedious work I'm leaving the "Someday My Prince Will Come" cake topper to my descendents.  Let them wonder about the sanity of their ancestor.  The 3rd Birthday cake topper is a gift for my "Poppy" inspiration.  So Disney, don't worry about copyright and licensing,  it's a gift and not for sale.  I do have grand plans of selling other cake toppers in my Etsy shop  The shop is not yet open but I have wonderful ideas!  Stay tuned!!!

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