Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to School Printables

This is ADORABLE!!!

I ran across this on the I Heart Naptime and Chocolate Sundaes blog today. I'm well past needing it for my daughters but I can always hope for grandchildren. I wish I had them for the traditional "back to school" morning pictures that my kids started to hate by fifth grade. I still love the sour faces of disgust the last few years of pictures display.


Back to school printable

Hello again! This month’s printable was inspired by those ever popular “first day of school pictures.” This is my little mans first time going to school (Preschool counts right?), and I wanted a way to look back at these pictures and instantly know what grade he was in.So, I created these back to school printable posters for my kids (and yours) to hold as they advance through school.


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