Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving, exhaustion, and a birthday party

I have never been so happy to see the end to a holiday.  I am exhausted.  For the first time a boyfriend was deemed important enough to be asked to Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  I don't know if our daughter doesn't trust us to behave or if she would rather the boyfriend just think she's an orphan.  Anyway, this one got invited.  So rather than the four of us having a lovely Thanksgiving meal without all the fancy china, good silver, and spooning food from the pans in which they were cooked we added one young man who, for some reason, I felt a need to impress the boyfriend with just how "classy" we are.  The first profanity was spoken when I realized that the entire meal was ready and I had forgotten to turn on the potatoes for the mashed potatoes. Whoops. We all had a wonderful time, loved the boyfriend, and looked forward to our next get together on the 28th.
I had procrastinated long enough and had to make the cake topper for my daughter's cake on the 27th.  Although she turned 31 she still gets to choose a theme. This year's theme - Cute Elephants. No, not just any elephant, CUTE elephants. I crawled into bed at 6 am on the 28th and was awake and working again 3 hours later.  If I do say so myself this is a really cute cake topper.  All clay, except for the cake.  It was red velvet.  She loved it all and the pink elephant now lives at her house.
Next year she wants cute ants.  I may finally just say NO!
I slept 12 hours today!  Two events down one to go.
Hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving.

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