Monday, July 19, 2010

How to waste time

I discovered at 4:15am that I am an excellent time waster.  I have spent the past ten days working on a cake topper just for fun.  No problem there except that I was surrounded by a basement full of Furniture Bank, Goodwill, and school donations.  At times I felt like Maria in the Sound of Music when the Captain asked about her dress and she told him that the dress she was wearing was the one the poor wouldn't have.  There is so much that the poor wouldn't have in my basement mess.  Why do creative people save every little piece of anything because they "might need it some day."  Well, my "someday" has come and gone.  If you ever want the extra push to really rid yourself of all those "treasures" just watch two or three episodes of "Hoarders" on TLC and you too will be making your different piles of donations.  I did finish the clay part of my "Someday My Prince Will Come" cake topper. All it needs now is the addition of a food safe topper some bits and bobs of ribbon and I'll be able to unveil my masterpiece to the world.  It's no Michaelangelo's David but with thousands of teenie tiny pieces of clay I'm still proud.  For now though, I'm going to wash my dusty hands, brush my teeth and go to bed.  Photos to follow!

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